About Us

Farmras is a farmer’s co-operative that grows fresh fruits and vegetables in the interior villages of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is primarily engaged into apples production for last 60 years. It grows various varieties of quality apples and other fruits for its livelihood. The most common varieties are Royal Delicious, Rich Red, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Green Apple and Tydeman.

It is working with the farmers to create awareness through regular meetings, educational programs, university tie-ups and expert visits. We are committed to organic farming through indigenous method. It is our endeavor to bring a holistic solution to the farming that is sustainable, safe and economically viable for the stakeholders.

Traditionally, Fruits and vegetables are sold in the whole- sale market that involves middle men and brokers at various levels. Eventually it leads to a higher price and inferior quality for the consumers

So, we have initiated new idea “farm to consumer’ to deliver value to the end consumers. It does not involve middlemen at any stage. The end consumer buys the product from the farmers that ensure right quality, price and convenience. It is an initiative to reduce wastage in the supply chain and deliver the fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers. We are keenly interested in developing healthy relationships with the end consumer to create value in terms of price, quality and convenience. It aims to bring efficiency by eliminating middlemen, developing cold storage logistics, reducing wastages and delivering directly to the end consumer.

We sincerely hope to bring a revolution to the farming system with your participation.

Chhajpur Valley

It is a beautiful valley surrounded by dense pine forest and Himalayan peak. It is famous for fruit cultivation and scenic beauty. Total area under fruit cultivation runs into thousands of acres.

Farmras was organized in year 2011, however, apple cultivation dates back to late 1950.